“My basic philosophy is this: slowness is speed. And vice versa. If you have built a solid foundation calmly, you can afford to decide the next moves rapidly. And run.”
Founder: Marisfrolg Fashion Group
Born: 1964, Hangzhou, China
Nationality: Chinese

Creative, Gracious, Tactful, Dreamer, Observant
  1. Strong determination overpowers structural limitations
  2. Meet challenges and stay prepared to start other adventures

  1. Brand strategies directed towards the interests of its customers
  2. Maintaining a healthy work environment
  3. Creation of synchronised networks in China and Singapore

Zhu was not inclined towards the fashion and apparel industry when she was young. Instead, she seemed more interested in performing manual tasks and enjoyed her time studying Science and Mathematics. She went on to pursue mechanical engineering and had decided not to give in to the prospect of a government job. What happens when you can’t find clothes and accessories as per your liking or taste? You decide to make skirts and bags yourself. People in her college were overwhelmed to see the collection, and this gave her immense confidence to continue making clothes with an aim of attracting prospective customers.
Zhu carried out tasks and duties in the field of management and brand building. She realised her potential and solved problems by embracing challenges head-on. A friend had informed her of a clothing company in Shenzhen, but she didn’t have adequate work experience to back her abilities. However, her determination and creativity was quite convincing, as the general manager stated she was fit for the job. After performing managerial roles in designing clothes, she founded her own brand called Marisfrolg. A solid foundation was built gradually and combined the effort of establishing a strong base in China. Her designs and aesthetics incorporated a blend of elegance, calmness, serenity and wisdom.
Zhu’s hard work resulted in the inception of Marisfrolg Fashion Group, which owns six labels namely Marisfrolg, Marisfrolg.SU, AUM, ZHUCHONGYUN, Krizia and MDC. Her distinct feminine silhouettes gave rise to one of the most successful fashion establishments in the world.
The Krizia label, with a history of more than 60 years, had been undergoing a serious downfall. Zhu vowed to revive it without compromising on the Italian heritage. The founders, Mariuccia Mandelli and Aldo Pinto struggled to maintain the revenues, but Zhu decided to modify it with contemporary sensibility. The signature tiger’s eye was retained, and she was quick to eliminate all fears regarding the shifting of production to China.




Launched Marisfrolg, the principal label of Marisfrolg Fashion Group

At the age of 33




Created Marisfrolg.SU, which was inspired by street culture and contemporary art for young consumers



Introduced Zhu Chongyun, an individual designer label that expressed the independent values and thoughts of Chinese women



Started AUM to depict the voice of nature and life aesthetics of urban ladies who carry natural innocence



Bought Krizia from Mariuccia Mandelli



Established Marisfrolg Designers Cluster(MDC), a platform for young designers to display the prosperity and development of China’s fashion industry

There are over 700 Marisfrolg shops in 106 cities, employing over 6,000 individuals.