“Once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. Nothing bad can happen.”
Founder and Executive Chairman: Alibaba Group Holding Limited
Born: 10th September, 1964, Hangzhou
Nationality: Chinese
Tenacious, Motivated, Visionary, Relentless
  1. Rejections pave the way for selections.
  2. Do what you love, and don’t let money be the guiding factor .

  1. Taking pride in his work and not taking a No for an answer.
  2. Hiring people with superior technical skills.
  3. Giving the vision more importance than the leader.

Jack Ma was born during the emergence of communism in China, and had developed a special fondness for the English language. Despite having faced job rejections at several places, (ranging from KFC to the Police force) his first job landed him at the Hangzhou Dianzi University as an English Teacher. In 1995, Jack visited the United States as part of a project he was working on, and got introduced to the concept of the internet. He was fascinated by the ideologybut was surprised to find not even a single mention of China in it, and thus decided to make the most of this void by guiding all efforts on changing the course of the Internet and the massive impact it had in store for China’s economy. The task at hand wasn’t easy. After having faced a period of constant struggle in the field, Jack envisioned the concept of an e-commerce market platform directed at making the trade practices for small and medium sized enterprises as convenient as possible. He shared the vision with 18 people who had gathered in his apartment, and embraced the idea to launch Alibaba with a combined initial investment of $60000 (500,000 Yuan). The team at Alibaba overcame the initial strive and relied heavily on their intellect to begin with. The company’s vision was given utmost importance and gradually earned the approval of China after having built a reliability factor around its services. Jack Ma envisioned big things in life. He never allowed failures or rejections define his identity. Led by resilience and an overpowering drive towards his goals, he stands tall as one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the world today. Alibaba Group went on to become one of the biggest e-commerce networks globally when it raised an amount of $25 billion, which was the largest initial public offering in US financial history at the time.



Graduated from Hanghzou Teachers Institute(now Hanghzou Normal University) with a B.A. in English

April 1995


Started his first venture China Yellow Pages, offering the services of making websites for companies

4th April, 1999


Founded Alibaba Group



Branched out to Consumer e-commerce portal Taobao



Launched Alipay, a third party mobile and online payment service



Established Alibaba Group R and D Institute

May 2012


Delisted his company from Hong Kong stock exchange and made his publicly traded company private



Alibaba’s market value reached $212 billion

Alibaba has over 50,000 employees, and handles transactions between importers and exporters from more than 240 countries.