We are a global community of Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs under one roof. We bring to you a knowledge base comprising a network of highly driven individuals. Being extraordinary isn’t easy, and creating the life you want requires hard work, commitment and a whole lot of motivation along the way. This is why we created Houseofpreneurs®- a conglomerate of like-minded people where every potential member will have the opportunity to share, help and partner with other members endowed with a wide array of skill sets.

Houseofpreneurs® has been formulated to assist new and upcoming entrepreneurs and investors and designed to empower all those individuals who are pursuing their dreams, goals and mission. Entrepreneurs have the ability to inspire, and innovate. They meet failures during their journey but do not halt. By creating a platform for exchange of ideas, we want to establish a consortium of awareness around the world and contribute to the new economy by giving back. Our objective is to provide you with as many tips and tactics to grow your business, brand and entrepreneurial endeavours in a digitally connected sphere. We are here to capitalize on the expertise of successful industry leaders and seek to formulate value based relationships across the globe. We intend to bind your potential and envision seeing things through.

Vision: To be the largest, most interactive community of passionate Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs from around the world.



We are privileged to be associated with a group of senior mentors and advisors who are willing to drive our work by enriching it with their knowledge and humble grace. Their credibility doesn’t rest in accolades. They are some of the smartest minds whose accomplishments are reflected by the instrumental role they have played to influence the lives of people extended beyond the boundaries of a working relationship. They have now come together to guide us in our journey towards our goals.



Our definition of entrepreneurship extends far beyond the scope of simply starting a business. The pre eminent task revolves around the value we create for those impacted by our execution. We have been committed to supporting entrepreneurs, top business executives and leaders from all walks of life, guiding them through to their own definitions of success. With a twist of lifestyle motivation, we provide some of todays most inspirational and knowledgeable content based on the experiences of certain astounding individuals who have been down the same path in their strive for success.


Vendors vendors vendors. Who they are and what their function is. Where they are from - backgrounds?? Explains how to do it . Articulate how you learn and work with others and what your most deeply held values are. Describe the type of work environment where you can make the greatest contribution.

Only when you operate with a combination of your strengths and self-knowledge can you achieve true and lasting excellence. Managing Oneself identifes the probing questions you need to ask to gain the insights essential for taking charge of your career.