“I think women of our generation went through Cultural Revolution, went through hardships, coming from nowhere, and suddenly see China’s amazing opportunity. So women just seized this opportunity.”
Co-Founder and CEO: SOHO China Ltd.
Born: 24th August, 1965, Beijing. China
Nationality: Chinese
Accomplished, Amicable
  1. Hardships prepare us for an extraordinary journey
  2. Be committed to the task and follow your dreams

  1. Precise execution at prime locations
  2. Catering to the needs of urban professionals and high net worth individuals
  3. Showcasing innovative and progressive architectural designs

Zhang was born during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in China, when intellectuals and capitalists were targeted and forced to stay at re-education camps. Her parents were immigrants from Burma who came to Beijing and later separated. When Zhang was eight, her mother was finally given permission to enter Beijing where she started working as a translator in a library. Unable to afford even the basic necessities, Zhang slept at her mother’s workplace, using dictionaries as a headrest. At fourteen, she moved to unfamiliar Hong Kong and found unrewarding jobs at various factory locations. After struggling for five years, she had enough money to purchase a one-way ticket to London. She joined University of Sussex on an undergrad scholarship and did her master’s in economics from Cambridge University. Thereafter, she joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker, but soon realised that the role was not as satisfying as she had earlier envisaged. She was lured by China’s growing idealism and economic reforms and returned to the country. She met Pan Shiyi, a young idealist working in the Real Estate sector aiming to liberalise China through his business venture and changing the dull and boring landscape of the country. Sharing similar dreams, the two got married and created SOHO China, which started out as an indebted firm and gradually prepared the groundwork for prime development. After two decades of collective blueprint formations, the company has managed to transform Beijing into a futuristic capital with enormous skyscrapers and personified modern development.



Obtained a master’s degree in development economics from Cambridge University



Co-founded real estate company, Hongshi, with her husband, Pan Shiyi



Hongshi renamed SOHO China



SOHO China listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange



Zhang was included in Forbes “ Top Ten Billionaire Women We Admire”



SOHO China Foundation launched SOHO China Scholarship and allotted US$100 million to financially support Chinese students in top universities such as Yale and Harvard

Her firm is the largest prime commercial Real Estate developer in Beijing and Shanghai with projects of over 54 million square feet.