“Personally, I feel that a company which looks at problems of other companies and learns from their mistakes is a successful one.”
Founder and Managing Director: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Born: 1st October, 1955, Amreli
Nationality: Indian

Humble , Innovator , Patient , Risk Taker
  1. Remain humble at the pinnacle of success.
  2. Patience can override risky situations to your advantage.

  1. Ensuring the staff at Sun Pharma remain loyal and productive.
  2. Sustaining loyalty of investors, average investor life = 7 years.
  3. Retaining continual support of its customers.

Dilip Shanghvi began his professional journey with his father as a wholesaler of pharmaceutical products. This was the period when he decided to manufacture his own set of medications, and established Sun Pharmaceutical Industries with a capital of 10,000 rupees, five products pertaining to psychiatric treatment, and a two person marketing team. Shanghvi was determined on his vision and opted to tread a unique path by investing his limited resources on drugs that could cater to specialties needing long term treatments. This segment had a small revenue potential and carried with it a huge risk factor. In the 1980’s and 1990’s,most of the Indian pharmaceutical companies were directing counter strategies to curb the competition of multinational pharmaceuticals, and leveraged the modifications in the patents law after receiving commendable support from the government. Unaffected by the given scenario, Shanghvi kept faith in his own ideologies, and knew that the segment he desired contained substantial profit margins and limited competition. It was a calculated risk that paid dividends, although the journey was full of obstacles. Continuous research, product developments and a patient attitude helped him change the outcome of mergers and acquisitions, and the fate of those companies that were incurring heavy losses. Perseverance and a goal oriented outlook is what made Sun Pharmaceutical Industries the fifth largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company, in terms of revenues.




Sun Pharma operates out of a manufacturing shed in Vapi, Gujarat



Launched first cardiology products called Monotrate and Angizem



Introduced Gastroenterology products



SPARC (Sun Pharma Advanced Research Center) research and development facility is initiated



Dilip enlists Sun Pharma on several Indian stock exchanges



Sun Pharma incorporated a separate company called SPARC (Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Limited) to focus entirely on drug discovery and innovation



Sun Pharma enters into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Ranbaxy in an all- stock transaction valued at US$ 4 billion

Sun Pharma has over 40 manufacturing facilities in 6 continents, and offers world class products in more than 150 countries.