“What I hate is the routine. In your own business,every day there’s something new,something exciting.”
Founder and Chairman: MB Holding
Born: 1951/52, Oman
Nationality: Omani
Charismatic, Global thinking, Self-assured, Intuitive
  1. Failure often paves the way for something better along the road.
  2. Sustain and build important relationships from the past.

  1. Ensuring the safety, environment and health standards in its operations.
  2. Attaining a diverse market reach in various parts of the world.
  3. Effective team building activities for the engagement of its employees

Mohammed Al Barwani had an unassuming start at a primary school in East Africa, and obtained his masters degree in petroleum engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He started working at the Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) and equipped himself with knowledgeable experiences at the firm. After completing ten years, he returned to familiar routes, and established a company that kept its prime focus in dealing with the oil sector. Al Barwani’s company had only five employees to begin with and initiated its operations at Al Wattayah. The capital wasn’t adequate enough for the company to compete with the bigger names, and it relied on the strong customer relationships Al Barwani had built in the past. It took charge in supplying oil advisors and drilling machines to Petroleum Development of Oman(PDO), and products to the US Company, Occidental Petroleum. These measures became landmark achievements for the firm as it expanded into the diverse field of exploring gas and minerals around the world. After an initial drought, MB Holding proved to be a significant determinant of Al Barwani’s massive success, one that made him a predominant figure in Oman, and an influential personality in various parts of the world.





Started working as a reservoir engineer at the Petroleum Development of Oman



Established MB Trading(later known as MB Holding)



Launched MB Petroleum Services to provide oilfield services



Mawarid Mining(earlier known as National Mining Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of MB Holding, was started to develop and mine resources in Oman and other countries



Petrogas E and P LLC was initiated as a holding company for exploration and production activities in Oman and other countries



Bought Dutch luxury yacht builder company Oceanco

MB Holding consists of more than 6000 employees from over 51 different nationalities.