"I have seen challenges and problems often opening up new avenues of opportunities and uncharted territories. You just need to be alert to spot them.”
Group Chairman: Stallion Group
Born: 11th July 1963, Jaipur
Nationality: Indian
Balanced, Futurist, Bold, Dazzling
  1. Plan your vision and chase your ambitions despite challenges and difficulties.
  2. Never give up and exercise failure as a motivational lesson.

  1. Providing quality products at reasonable prices.
  2. Collaborating with top global companies and bringing their proficiency to the African markets.
  3. Expanding investments in Asia and the Middle East.

Sunil Vaswani’s father, Sunderdas Vaswani, arrived in Africa in 1954 and started working as a shop assistant. After leaving this job, he decided to launch Jacky Impex stores for importing sundry items. Sunil went to London to pursue his education and returned to Lagos, Africa only to realise that Jacky Impex had not been experiencing substantial growth. He exchanged ideas with his father and suggested shifting their company’s mission to meet the daily needs of the masses. It was decided to enter the food sector and target items such as wheat, rice and sugar. The name of the company was changed to Stallion Industries and it took on the task of facing the dearth of food segments and volume based commodities in the country. Success was hard to come by and required overcoming the challenges posed by Nigeria’s economy and regulatory environment, and after an initial drought it eventually experienced growth in this field. Vaswani entered the automobile segment in 1989, and experienced long periods of rejection in attempts of getting a franchise to Africa. It took him four years to enter the car distribution business and gradually built his fortune thereon. In 2003, he was framed on grounds of allegedly evading tax on duty, and the family was forced to leave the country and reside in UAE. He was determined to make a comeback, and proved the allegations wrong to emerge stronger than ever in the agriculture and automobile sector. Today, he leads the frozen fish and rice market in terms of distribution and enjoys a monopoly for distributing automobile brands such as Nissan. Not only has the Stallion Group established itself as a major conglomerate in Nigeria, but also contributes significantly to the economic development of Western Africa.


At the age of 21


Took over the responsibility of his fathers business



Renamed Jacky Impex to Stallion Industries



Diversified into the automobile distribution market



Consolidated growth in business activities



Deported to UAE


Later became a Nigerian citizen



Was responsible for upliftment of import duties on vehicles (20% to 70%) in Nigeria; National Automotive Industry Development Plan was announced



Manufactured the first ever Nissan automobile in Nigeria

Stallion Group has become a diversified conglomerate with presence in 18 countries. It plays a significant role in the Industrialisation and Green Revolution activities with a prime focus on building large scale local industries in Africa.