"There is no substitute for hard work. You have to toil for long periods to achieve success, and you have to take failures as learning opportunities."
Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director: Aster DM Healthcare
Born: 15th April, 1953, Kalpakancheri
Nationality: Indian
Phenomenal, Reformer, Ethical, Empathetic
  1. Set out to create a positive impact on the society.
  2. Focus on the mission, not the money.

  1. Providing widespread, qualitative primary care services to the residents of Dubai.
  2. Hiring candidates who resonate with the company’s vision.
  3. Timely expansions guided towards its chain of pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.

Azad Moopen, a gold medalist from the University of Calicut, started his professional career as a medical lecturer in Kerala. Five years later, he moved to UAE and experienced a dearth of private medical practitioners in the country. To curb the situation, he worked long hours and treated numerous patients on a daily basis and was driven by the task of developing the healthcare sector. After coming to terms with the prevailing limitations, he realized that there was little that could be done alone to fill the shortage of government hospitals and clinics. Azad’s vision brought him closer to professionals who shared the same ideology and worked passionately to improve the medical facilities prevailing in UAE. This resulted in collaborations between small clinics and the establishment of Aster DM Healthcare in 1987. The dependency on government hospitals was high even though the facilities were not up to the mark. The biggest challenge for Aster DM was the cost factor as it was a private entity providing little subsidy or medical insurance. Getting the right employees amidst increasing levels of expansions was another arduous task. The increase in global pay scales had reduced the number of professionals desiring to join their firm, and they were compelled to pursue other countries with their recruitment plans. The timely assistance from Dubai Government and health authorities proved handy as they improved the medical value travel, and brought about a gradual increase in the number of patients selecting Dubai as the destination for procuring medical treatment. It has been an unparalleled journey for Azad Moopen. Starting off with a small cliniche has now taken ownership of various hospitals that excel in its conveniences and comply with benchmarks on an international scale.





Medical lecturer at Calicut Medical College, Kerala



Opened Al Rafa Polyclinic(later renamed to Aster Jubilee Medical Complex) in Bur, Dubai



Union pharmacy was started



Gradually established the growth of his healthcare group



Spearheaded healthcare and other development activities in Kozhikode and founded Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences(MIMS) hospital



Adopted a clinic-pharmacy approach and the numbers increased gradually; Aster Brand was formulated



Received the Padma Shri award



Launch of Aster Medcity in Kochi,India and expansion of operations in Bahrain and Philippines

Aster DM Healthcare has presence in 9 countries, a network of 18 hospitals, and treats more than 7 million patients annually.